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Its been a crazy couple of weeks beginning my MFA over at Marywood University. I met a lot of cool people and got to come home to an e-mail from the art/blog K.O. Jewel, asking if they could feature my work! I’m really flattered by what they had to say and it was really an awesome way to end my first year at Grad School : )

So here is the completed version (or what I was able to complete in 4 hours),of “Fluffy and Cruel, ” 9 x 12, acrylic on illustration board.
This was my first assignment in my graduate program over at Marywood University; conceptual illustration. Here, I little girl stands in a moment of distraction and joy as a tourist of Seaworld ( I used blue and yellow to signify Seaworld’s trademark colors). Behind her is the ugly truth connected to where her dolphin celebrities are from .
I kept the lighting on both the foreground and background separate as to isolate the girl and her plushy dolphin toy from the gruesome, bloody reality.
Now I can get some rest and gear up for another week

Away at my Marywood University MFA program studying illustration!
This was my first assignment which was to create a conceptual illustration about an issue that I was passionate about, of course there was no other option for me other than the Dolphin Slaughter at Taiji Japan and it’s gruesome connection to SeaWorld and other marine circuses.
Here ate the first stages of what I’ve done. I’ll be completing this tomorrow with more updates!

Nearing completion on my current painting, the face is almost completed then I have final details in the flowers, head band, and the honey…hoping to get this done before I leave for my MFA program this Sunday! #gold #queen #bees #braids #illustration #lowbrow #fey #gingerjess #goddess

Study of an elephant in blue prisma colors on toned paper. I was inspired to sketch an #elephant after reading about those “Elephant Paintings.” First I was intrigued at the sight of an elephant painting a picture but then noticed the chain around her neck and did some research. Just like any other entertainment involving animals, abuse,neglect, and torment are all part of the package. Most, of not all of the paintings come from Elephants that are trained using the old Thai training method called, “#Phajaan . In short, it’s a method involving brutality toward the #elephant in order to “crush them” into submission. More than likely, every elephant performing in these shows has gone through this “training.” #ElephantPainting is a thriving industry in #Thailand, not only for the performance, but the artwork itself which is distributed all over the world, (although the demand is strongest in Japan and America). At this point, I think we can all assume that any time an animal is involved in any sort of entertainment for profit, has a nasty track record if you look deeply enough. #ElephantAbuse #Circus #IndianElephant #prismacolor #sketch #gingerjess #jessicaross

Well, it’s been a great first year being Professor Ginger Jess, I was met by a lot of karma from when I was the little pain in the ass student and instead got to play the livid professor, but overall, it was really an awesome experience. Ieven had a few students who told me how surprised they were when they found out I was “nice,” I was…I was then told by my loyal students that I have what is called “resting bitch face,” and so I guess my students had a few things to teach me as well…smart asses. Here is a little clip of the torment and insanity I had the privilege of enduring over this past year…

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